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7 reasons to love your Adwords call extensions

7 reasons to love your Adwords call extensions

AdWords “call extensions” display a call button as part of your ad when viewed on a mobile device. People who see your ad can click on the button and call your business directly from your ad. However, call extensions are often overlooked when setting up your search engine marketing or measuring the performance of your campaigns. So today I wanted to highlight some of the reasons why you should love your call extensions.

1: Increased visibility

Search engine advertising is competitive, and savvy advertisers are always looking for ways to focus attention on their ads and claim more real estate on the results page. Claiming the all-important above the fold real estate becomes more important on mobile devices due to the limited screen space.

Using call extensions can help your ad stand out compared to competitors who do not use it. Google claims that call extensions typically increase ad click-through rate by 6-8%.

2: Calls don’t bounce

A website bounce is when a visitor arrives at your site and leaves without performing any other actions. In paid marketing, it can be heartbreaking to pay premium prices for these clicks only to have the user move on almost instantly.

With call extensions, the person is calling your phone number and speaking to you or your sales staff immediately. A phone call gives your company the chance to engage with each potential customer, rather than losing the ones who choose not to complete your enquiry form.

Getting direct access to potential customers in this way can make calls from your call extensions more valuable than clicks to your website.

3: Skip the conversion funnel

Your website conversion funnel is the process of pages and actions that your customers take from your landing page through to completing a conversion, such as an enquiry, requesting a quote, signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing a product.

Previously, we briefly discussed the importance of conversion funnels and why customers abandon the process. However, even the best websites experience conversion funnel drop-off.

Call extensions get the potential customer to you or your sales staff directly, removing the risk of losing valuable sales leads along the way. Your customer also benefits because they no longer need to jump through hoops and then wait around to speak to someone.

4: It is the same cost as a click

Calls are a more qualified sales lead than a click, for reasons already mentioned above, yet with your call extensions, you are only paying the same as a PPC click when someone clicks your call extension. The more qualified nature of these leads makes call extensions excellent value for money.

5: You can turn them off after hours

Inviting potential customers to call you, only to present them with an answering machine gives a bad experience, and is a wasted opportunity for your company.

Call extensions can be configured to appear only during the days and times that your business is open. Imposing this restriction ensures that every call from your call extension can be received and responded to by you or your sales staff.

6: It can help reduce your CPC

Your quality score affects how much you must pay for each click. Improving your quality score can significantly reduce your average CPC, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your campaign.

Including good quality, relevant, extensions have a positive influence on your quality score, as does the increased click-through-rate that comes with having call extensions.

7: It is measurable

AdWords call extensions will allow you to track the number of times people clicked the extension to your phone number, the same way as it allows you to track clicks. It doesn’t stop there, though; if you choose to use a Google Forwarding Number (which doesn’t cost you any extra) you get access to a large amount of additional reporting, including where the call came from, the length of the call, and more.

Using a combination of unique phone numbers for your campaigns, and advanced conversion tracking solutions, you can attribute conversions and revenue to your PPC campaigns and call extensions.

In digital marketing, the ability to measure performance in terms of revenue and cost is vital to success. Call extensions can be measured and optimized, making them a valuable resource that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you don’t already use call extensions or want to know how you can use them more productively in your PPC marketing strategy, give Metrixa a call today or Find me on Twitter @nathan5ri. Try our AdWords Audit.