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Facebook Ads Series (Pt. 1): Engagement & Likes

Facebook Ads Series (Pt. 1): Engagement & Likes
Most advertisers are aware of Facebook’s 'boosted' posts, which allow you to reach a broader audience with your selected Facebook posts. However, not many people realise that there are a lot more ad formats and options available depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Similar to Twitter, Facebook organises their ad products based on the objective that the advertiser wants to focus on. See our previous post on Twitter ad formats for details of Twitter ads.

The difference is that there are many more types of Facebook ads compared to Twitter.

In this post, I will focus on ads that encourage engagement and likes, but we will cover the other Facebook ads in future posts, so keep an eye out!
Page Likes and Engagement
Page likes, comments, shares, and follows are the key actions that drive engagement and reach on Facebook.

While the quality of your posts and content is the key to achieving more social actions, Facebook offers a number of advertising solutions to increase the reach of your posts and expose them to wider networks.

Page Likes
These ads are designed to encourage people to "like" your company Facebook page. The ads appear in the news feed for desktop and mobile devices, as well as in the right column.

The ads contain a title, short description, and call-to-action, but it is the image that stands out most. I recommend investing in great photography to make the most of your Page Like Ads.

If you target the right audience with your Page Like ads, you will grow your audience and increase the organic reach of your future posts.

Page Post Engagement: Photo
These ads are essentially the same as Page Like ads, however, the format has been modified to draw even more attention to the photo. If you have stunning pictures of your products, locations or events, this is the place to promote them.

These ads can also appear in the news feed, mobile feed and right-hand column, which means you can reach more people with your content.

Page Post Engagement: Video
If you have a video instead of still imagery, then this ad type is for you. Statistics show that video content is more popular and more likely to generate engagement on Facebook than still images or text content.

Video ads appear everywhere and are a perfect way to leverage the investment your company has made in producing high-quality video content for social media.

Page Post Engagement: Text
While this ad format is available to advertisers, my advice is to avoid it. Plain text content is one of the least effective ways to engage people on Facebook.

Although the text ad allows you enter more text than other ad formats, audience members are less likely to read it. If you did want to promote your website with text, I would suggest adding an image as a minimum and using the page likes, or Image ad formats instead.

If you are looking to build your audience on Facebook, reach wider networks of people, or give your premium content a little push to gain popularity, these are the advertising products for you.

Check in next week as we look at ads that help you promote mobile and desktop apps on Facebook!

What are some experiences you’ve had with Facebook ads? Let me know at @metrixadigital or @nathan5ri