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A Guide to Facebook Ads (Pt. 2): Mobile & Desktop Apps

A Guide to Facebook Ads (Pt. 2): Mobile & Desktop Apps
Following on from our previous post about Facebook ads that drive likes and engagement, this week, we’ll be looking at the different ad formats for promoting your apps.
Mobile and Desktop Apps
Facebook is a great place to promote apps, primarily because people are on the target devices at the time, and advertisers have the ability to target niche interests, demographics and geo-locations to reach the right audience.

Game developers are particularly well-suited to mobile apps. However, there is a broad range of niches and interests that are also appropriate for app install ads, including health & well being, travel bookings, food and beverage, retail, and more.

Facebook has 2 main types of ads to support the promotion of apps: App Installs and App Engagement.

App Installs 

App ads are ideal for gaining new app users and increasing installs. The ads contain images, titles, descriptions as well as the all-important 'install now' call-to-action.

The ads are configured to appear only to users who are on suitable devices and meet your other targeting criteria. This means the likelihood of clicks and installs are quite high.

App Engagement

This is a clever ad that lets you target people who have already installed your mobile or desktop app.

These ads are excellent for encouraging further interaction and engagement. For example, a restaurant booking app could promote specific restaurants to app users in targeted geo-locations.

The call-to-action directs the user to the app where they can proceed with the desired action. If you are struggling with a lack of usage of your app, this may be the perfect way to increase activity.

Facebook mobile and desktop app ads are ideal for increasing your user base and keeping them engaged with your product. Talk to Metrixa today to help raise awareness and usage of your app.

Check back soon to learn about more Facebook advertising solutions and how you can use them to promote your company more effectively.

What are some experiences you've had with Facebook ads? Let me know at @metrixadigital or @nathan5ri