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A Guide to Increasing Sales for Valentine’s Day

A Guide to Increasing Sales for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and while some people feel cynical about the event, the fact is that sales spike during this time as people buy little (or big) gifts for their loved ones.

If your company wants to get in on the increased spending, you need to do more than just pop a love heart on your Facebook page. To help out, I have put together my tips for getting more love from your customers on Valentine’s Day.


You don’t have to sell flowers or chocolate

While florists and confectioners around the world are going to be big winners on Valentine’s Day, other industries have major opportunities that should not be ignored.

In fact, more people are avoiding the traditional gifts and are opting for practical, original and creative alternative options.

Research, compiled from a range of sources by Momentology, shows that people purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for a wide range of recipients, including colleagues, friends, family and even pets; not just their romantic interests.



Take a good, hard look at your retail or consumer products and chances are, you’ll find a way to make it a viable gift on Valentine’s Day.


Make it easy for the Shopper

According to research by Adobe, most people purchase their Valentine’s Day gifts at the last minute, even when purchasing online. For online retail websites, this presents huge opportunities that can help push sales over the line:

Fast delivery – promote express delivery options for last minute shoppers so that they can ensure their gifts arrive on time.

Gift packaging – Offer to wrap your products in a Valentine’s Day themed box or packaging and ship it direct to a loved one. For bonus points, offer to add a personalized message on a card.

All-rounder gifts – If you sell a range of smaller goods, package a range of them together so that the lazy sod prospective shopper can make a quick purchase without browsing a large range of products.

Gift cards – Choosing the right gift is a major stress point for many shoppers, which is why gift cards make up over 12 per cent of Valentine’s Day gift purchases.


Create customs ads and landing pages

With your Valentine’s Day products and offers organised, your next step is promoting them. Create custom Valentine’s Day ads and landing pages that highlight the offer, benefits and give shoppers a clear and easy journey to purchase.

Using custom landing pages is estimated to increase conversion rates by 25 per cent or more, so while there may be an initial cost to set up another landing page for your Valentine’s Day campaign, the results are well worth the investment.

Your Valentine’s Day offer is very different to your usual product or service offering, so it is important that your ads and landing pages emphasize the specific features and benefits that the customer will get when purchasing a gift for Valentine’s Day.


Notify and remind your customers

Paid digital ads are great for promoting your products to a wider audience, but you should also make sure that your loyal customer base knows about your offer. Your customers, mailing lists, and owned social media followers are far more likely to respond to your offer than other marketing channels.

Plan and execute a series of marketing emails and social media posts to be released over the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Planning multiple emails and social media posts helps to ensure that your products and offers are front-of-mind when your customers and audiences are thinking about what to buy.


Boost your social posts

Recent estimates suggest that Facebook posts only get 2.6 per cent organic reach on average. This means only 2.6 per cent of your followers are likely to see something that you posted on your news feed.

Companies that get more engagement from their audience are likely to gain greater exposure, but the reality is that you will not reach all your followers when you post your Valentine’s Day messages through social media.

The solution is to pay for your posts to get boosted or promoted to more people. While many people are unhappy with the decline in organic exposure from social networks, it is currently the only way to gain the exposure you are looking for.

The cost of promoting posts also tends to be relatively low compared to other channels such as search engine marketing and is also much more targeted than similarly priced channels (like display network advertising).

If you are investing in, planning, and developing a series of Valentine’s Day social media posts, allocating a small budget to maximise your exposure makes sense and can significantly improve your campaign sales and conversions.

How are you planning to spread the love to your customers and make the most of Valentine’s Day? Let me know on Twitter @nathan5ri