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Don’t abandon your Bing Ad campaigns!

Don’t abandon your Bing Ad campaigns!

As Yahoo revealed its agreement with Google to serve search results, ads, and image results on selected search queries, many people have begun speculating on what this means for the future of search engine marketing, and Bing ads in particular.

In the midst of this speculation, it’s worth noting that Yahoo has been testing results from Google since July of this year (2015). While this agreement is certainly big news, the seeds for this deal were planted by Yahoo a while ago.

My advice is to wait and see what comes of this agreement and don’t abandon your Bing Ads campaigns yet. Here are five reasons why.

Yahoo has not replaced Bing

In their release, and in subsequent emails to advertisers, Yahoo made it very clear that they will continue to serve ads from Bing, as well as their Gemini platform. If you have campaigns running on either platform and are seeing positive ROI, you should keep running them because they will continue to deliver the valuable traffic that you are already getting.

At this stage, not much has changed regarding where advertisements published on Bing appear and the audience that sees them, so adjusting your campaigns before any noticeable change in traffic or visitor behaviour is a bit premature.

Bing out-performs Google on many key-phrases

We took a sample of keywords from our accounts and found that while Bing delivered only eighteen percent (18%) of overall conversions, it did so with a cost per click that was, on average, twenty-five percent (25%) lower. Customer acquisitions as a result of advertising clicks were also significantly more cost effective, with an average CPA only fifty percent (50%) of similar customer acquisitions from Google AdWords.

Bing does Search too

Even if Yahoo and Bing cancel their agreement, which has been in place since 2010, Bing is still a viable platform in itself, reaching 20% market share in the USA in March 2015, taking market share directly from Google and Yahoo.

Bing is more feature-rich and advertiser-friendly than ever

Bing has been working hard to update the platform, ad extensions and other advertising features, and it’s tools to make it easier and faster for advertisers to manage their campaigns.

They are still trailing Google Adwords, but if you are avoiding Bing Ads because of your previous poor experience in trying to manage campaigns, you should revisit the network as they have come a long way.

Yahoo appears to be strengthening search tools

The nature of Yahoo’s agreement with Google is that Yahoo will be able to use Google to serve ads, search results and image results on selected search queries as they choose. There are no quotas or volumes to meet, set keywords or phrases that must always be served using Google or other limitations.

Yahoo now can A/B test their solutions vs. Google or Bing. Data analysts at Yahoo must be very excited about this agreement. So rather than signaling a shift from Bing to Google, this could be a sign of Yahoo returning to the search market as a major platform, and viable marketing option.

This could, in fact, result in more competition, rather than less as some people have been predicting. Increased competition in this space should prove positive for most advertisers.

At Metrixa, we are telling our clients to hold tight and keep investing in campaigns and audiences that hit KPI and return-on-investment (ROI) targets until the data tells us otherwise. Try our  AdWords Audit.

What are your thoughts about Bing Ads? Let me know @nathan5ri